A Short Film About Ice

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Adam Laity
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29 mins
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A Short Film About Ice is the major research artefact from PhD candidate Adam Laity, working at the University of the West of England and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) through the 3D3 Centre for Doctoral Training. The piece is a film poem documenting the journey of a cinematographer through the fragile landscapes of the Arctic. The camera bears witness to the shapes and colours of glaciers, tundra, mountains and sea ice while the filmmaker explores the role of the human and the artist in such landscapes in the time of the Anthropocene. Touching on themes of aesthetics, cultural responsibility, inter-connectivity and eco-anxiety the film aims to provoke discussion about the need to re-conceptualise how we make and disseminate images, in order to see ourselves as an integral part of the world rather than seeing ourselves as in front of or separate to nature. The film represents the practical culmination of 5 years of field studies and cinematography research for his thesis: Cinematographic Approaches Towards Eco-sublime landscapes – A Practice-led Enquiry. Directed by Adam Laity (adamlaity.co.uk)

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