telling the story of climate change

about the climate crisis film festival

The Climate Crisis Film Festival (CCFF) is the UK’s first climate action film festival.

Pioneering, aspirational, grassroots and youth-led, our diverse and eye-opening programming focuses on channeling constructive collective action and providing an intersectional analysis of climate, politics, economics and social justice


Operations Director
Simon Melizan
Artistic Director
Susanna Basso
Relationship Director
Isabella Martin
Festival Director
Ally Lantz
Project Manager
Anita Foksa
Marketing Manager
Ingrid Bååth
Festival Manager
Karin Pointner
Partnership & Marketing Manager
Nayomie Prasad
Content Creator
Salma Siddiqa
Head Editor
Jake Coleman
Film Curator
Sherlly Lin
Graphic Designer & Illustrator
Anna Waterson
Video Editor
Alec Walsh
Video Editor
Swaen Lievestro
Video Editing Assistant
Mohit Rajgopal
Content Creation Coordinator
Iqbal Shadab
Content Creation Coordinator
Joshua Lubinsky
Interactive Content Creator
Tulasi Das
Climate Action Coordinator
Holly Owens
Climate Action Assistant
Adam Oliver
Festival Coordinator
Pheobe Watt

past contributors

Elis Pärn
Andreea Kristof
Alexander Crickmay
André Mélizan

our story

The CCFF was started in the summer of 2019 by three 26 year old friends wanting to contribute to what at the time felt like London’s climate awakening.

We felt like existing environmental film festivals across the world were too broad in their scope to tackle climate change head-on and that there was space for a film festival that was laser-focused on the climate crisis and which dissected it through a social, political and economic lens — that is, from an intersectional angle.

We felt a great excitement for what we saw as a ‘new wave of environmentalism’ — at the time we didn’t have the perfect words to describe it, but 3 years on, intersectional environmentalism is on the rise and we’re proud to have been a champion of the concept from the get-go.

our sponsors

A special thank you to our Sponsors — without them this event would not be possible.

The Climate Crisis Film Festival is proudly Presented by Doconomy, who just like us, are all about climate action. Doconomy wants to future-proof life on planet earth by empowering individuals and corporations to take responsibility for their environmental footprint and firmly believing that the climate crisis can only be solved as a collective.

The CCFF is also sponsored by Ocean Bottle, Deloitte, We Don't Have Time and Finisterre.